Monday, February 22, 2016


Not a very productive day, but modestly restorative: only a couple visitors to office hours, and I headed straight downtown afterwards to the gym even though we didn't have a workout scheduled for today (Josh's birthday!). Happily I ran into Howard and a few others with the same thought, we even had a workout from Josh (I skipped the prowler set and added deadlifts - it is so much my favorite, I hate to miss it - I think he just didn't want to assign anything generally that would let anyone do anything stupid!):

6lb medicine ball: 5 x (10 chest, 10 above head, 10 each side)
deadlift work set: 6 x 3 x 181 (had intended 5 x 5 but felt a lot of fatigue from yesterday's workouts and decided lower reps was a better idea)
circuit x 5: 20 triceps pushdown, 20 curls with band, 20 abs (did 3 sets of V with small medicine ball side to side, then 2 x :45 plank)

:50 total

Plus :20 swim - had to do those drills one more time before Wednesday's lesson!

100 swim
100 pull
100 as 25 salute/stroke coordination, 25 swim
100 as 50 right arm/left arm, 50 swim
100 as 50 shark, 50 swim
100 as 50 reverse shark, 50 swim

600 yards total

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