Saturday, February 27, 2016

Short run

It would be an exaggeration to describe it as a disaster - but I was not feeling the love - right lower back very sore/tight, right toes curiously sore (might need to loosen the laces on these new shoes? I think I loosened only the left ones), sore quads from Thursday's squatting, generally feeling hopeless! Made a detour en route home to Morton Williams for some overpriced Advil, though probably what I need more than painkillers is some stretching.

This week really did me in, I am still feeling pretty wiped out and discouraged. Very behind on preparing this talk for Thursday, slightly behind on a host of other stuff. Need to go to a birthday brunch downtown at 11am tomorrow, hoping I can get myself up early enough to do the long run before that so that the rest of the day is clear for work. Ugh....


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