Thursday, February 18, 2016


Was feeling really exuberant about both of these at the time, but then went to a long evening work event and proceeded finally to get home at 9:30 and find - evidence of identity theft! Someone has opened a store credit card in my name and spent over $2,000 on it (in Ohio) - and there's another store suggesting that an account has been requested and asking for more information - and it's too late this evening for me to do anything about it other than start a report at the government identity theft site! Stewing - it is NOT going to be easy to go to sleep now, and I am busy all morning/all day with important work stuff, how am I going to find the time to deal with this promptly?!?


Lovely swim! Promised myself after swim delinquency this week (I blame it on the polar vortex!) that I am going to swim every day between now and my next lesson, even if only for 20 minutes. I think I'm on track for it - will do masters swim Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, which just leaves tomorrow and Monday as the challenge....

About :45 total as follows:

2 x drill warmup set as per Slava's injunctions (1000):

100 swim
100 alternating 25 swim with salute and 25 swim (stroke coordination)
100 as 50 right arm, left arm with SWIPE, 50 swim concentrating on left arm (high/bent elbow, clean entry)
100 as 50 shark (core/rotation), 50 swim from core
100 as 50 reverse shark (core strength), 50 swim from core

200 pull with paddles
100 back (I fear this is really my best stroke!)
100 fly with fins (2 kicks not 3!)
100 easy free

1500 yards total

And then about :45 lifting (had to leave early to get back uptown for dinner and talk):

medicine ball right-left sledgehammer (8lb - should have been 10 but there isn't one!), 4 x 6

hip thrusts with one raised leg, 3 x 10

safety squat bar: 7 x 3 x 100 (that's heavier than I've been doing mostly and it felt super-manageable - I am hopeful that Josh's trick is working and that when I am finally back on the regular bar with no box I'm going to be incredibly strong and confident!)

OK, I will deal with this identity theft business tomorrow, there is really nothing more I can do about it now....

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Tea said...

Oh no. I hope (by now) you've had time to call on the fake account.

Like you have time for this shit. Seriously.