Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy happy run swim!

Hmmm, it is a beautiful day, I am in a good mood. I am doing some slightly naughty things this semester in terms of discretionary use of daytime hours for exercise and also lavish use of TAXIS to facilitate good mental and physical health in conjunction with the realities of life demands...

40min run as 20:00 easy, then 10 x :30 fast, 1:30 walking recovery

1hr masters swim! Today the coach gave a good modification to the lead swimmer so that she mixed in breast or back to make us able to have the same sendoffs, that was thoughtful (and accommodating of C. to modify!). Hmmm, not sure I am reproducing this at all accurately, but it was along these lines:

400 warmup (I was a bit late getting in the pool - it was notionally 3 x 200 as (1) free (2) back (3) reverse IM swim-kick by 25) - 50 free, 200 back, 150 reverse IM (free-breast-back)

4 x IM on 2:10 (I sat out a couple of 50s, so call it 300)

Then I really found my groove!

5 x 50 fly-back on brief rest

200 pull (I did 100)

5 x 50 free alternating on 1:10 and 1:00

5 x 100 free on 2:10 (this was lovely - C. was alternating back and free, I had 12-13s rest and swam very steady for the whole set)

200 free

100 easy swimdown

2100 yards total (is that implausibly much? I think that's right actually - we stayed in a little late and didn't have a lot of rest or hanging around more generally)

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