Thursday, February 4, 2016


It is so strange: the aversion one feels before doing something either new or that one hasn't done for a long time is very strong! It's years I think since I swam at Dodge, but I've signed up for Tues-Thurs-Fri 11am-noon lap swim this semester as a backup for days I can't get downtown (I will never be able to swim in the Friday slot, and I should usually be able to get to Tuesday masters swim in Chelsea but the Thursday slot is potentially quite useful, and work commitments sometimes prelude Tuesday downtown daytime swimming too, so I think it's worth it). Had a very hard time getting myself out the door (next week I will go straight from my meeting, but it finished early and I hadn't brought work so I came home instead), but it was nice once I got there. The Columbia gym is fairly awful (built underground, a labyrinth, mediocre facilities) but the pool itself is nice, albeit in the DUNGEON (4 floors underground). Deeper and cooler water than Chelsea Piers, but also I think with more chemicals - I am sneezing like crazy and with streaming nose!

There is a gal supervising who will give stroke advice and/or a workout, but I was happy today to do my own thing (my homework from my lesson yesterday!). Not sure this is exactly right, but let's say:

100 swim
100 kick
100 sweet spot drill
100 alternating sweet spot drill
100 swim with salute and sweet spot
100 free concentrating on form
2 x (50 swim with salute and sweet spot, 100 free)
4 x 50 drill-swim (IM order)
100 IM
100 free
one more set of 50 swim with salute and sweet spot, 100 free

x. 1450 (I was in for about 40 minutes, that seems right)

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