Friday, February 26, 2016

Magic workout!

Last week was just a week of terrible overwork and ended with identity theft episode, but this week has tipped me over the edge - some good friends having a very difficult time of things, various extended family having medical woes, etc. etc. I haven't written up any of my cases from this morning - I was so tired when I got home that all I could do was lie in bed and feel awful (couldn't even fall asleep for a nap, too stressed out!). But a strength workout really is like a magic cureall. I was feeling as I walked over to the gym that nothing was ever going to seem good again - and I walked out an hour later feeling like a normal human being again.

(Going to see if I can ride that wave at least to the point of writing up one of my cases!)

(That gym really is hellish - even with a trainer it's almost impossible to get a good place to work, we didn't even do a real bench set due to crowding, but there is of course plenty you can do when you put your mind to it. I feel like setting up this Friday close-to-home workout was almost the only sensible thing I have done for myself this semester!)

1hr upper body and core

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