Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The 300!

Hmmm, naughty mega-stint of midday exercise. B. is arriving momentarily and while this is an unequivocal good, I always get a huge spike of anxiety beforehand about how I am ever going to get all my work and exercise done when there is, as it were, another human being in the immediate vicinity!

("Naughty" for me is often synonymous with "self-protective"! The work will get done, after all, whereas if the exercise isn't done by a certain point in the evening the day's a write-off....)

ANYWAY, glorious trio of exercises, really verging on excessive in a pleasant/soothing way:

(1) 50 minutes upper body

bench: 5 x 6 x 95
close grip bench: 2 x 10 x 75
DB floor press: 4 x 6 @ 32.5 (1-second pause at the bottom)
skull-crusher with football bar: 3 x 10
lat pulldown: 5 x 10 x moderate weight
circuit x 4 (@ 5, no rest): (a) front raise x 10 (b) lateral raise x 10

(2) 1hr masters swim! A swim of 300s (I had to sit out 50s when I was behind - hmmm, very striking how much better I keep up on the IM sets than the freestyle, that must change):

300 as (2 x 50 swim, 25 right arm, 25 left arm, 50 swim) (I did 150)

6 x 50 as back-breast by 25 (I did 250)

300 pull with paddles (I did 200 - paddle selection and adjustment issues!)

3 x 100 as FRIM (free substituting for fly in IM) (I did 250)

300 swim with paddles (I did 200?)

6 x 50 as ABCB (assigned on 1:00, :55, 1:00, :50 but I can't keep up quite yet!) (I probably did 200?)

12 x 25 as kick on back down on :50 fly back on :40 (woo-hoo, my set!) (300)

2 x 100 easy swimdown (200)

1750 yards total. Good tip from Coach Michael who points out with horror that my left hand in particular is like a CLAW entering the water and under water, but both hands will have a tendency to claw themselves into fists rather than to serve as big paddles - another thing to work on....

(3) Treadmill intervals! 30min, warmup 10min @ 5.0 then 10 x (:40 @ 7.0, 1:20 @ 3.5). (You have do :40 in order to get a full :30 at the correct pace).

So a lovely lift-swim-run day, three things I love, and now I can welcome B. with a happy heart!

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