Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day of bliss!

Starting the day like this really makes me feel as though I am leading a charmed life (yesterday was similar - partly I think the contrast is just to how dreadful things were at this time last year - Jim died at the end of this week last year, and then my father died very unexpectedly two weeks later, and the rest of the semester was just a scramble to keep the head above water).

Jogged down to Chelsea Piers and it was GREAT - knee muscles are behaving appropriately, and my legs really benefited from having had some days off (I saw this with strength workouts Monday and Tuesday also, I was much fresher than usual) - less of a slog than it sometimes is. And then I had a lovely swimming lesson with Slava, though I had to confess that polar vortex and family visitors made it hard for me to get to the pool - lack of practice was evident in the first lengths I swam, where I forgot exactly everything I'd been supposed to work on!

3 essential drills for me for freestyle:

salute (stroke coordination)
one-arm with forehead swipe (slice entry, concentrate on left arm especially)
shark and reverse shark for body rotation from core and core strength

Then he had a quick look at my IM, backstroke is good and fly is effective though not particularly clean (I am doing an extra kick, will work on this - I know where it should be and where it shouldn't be). Breast is horrible! So we made one BIG substitution - frog kick instead of whip kick, better for tender knees! - and then worked a bit on timing.

One more lesson next week I think - the week after that I have a Wednesday midday department meeting I can't miss....

1:05 run
1hr swim lesson!

Now I must write the other half of my lecture - not teaching till 6:10pm is a blessing and a curse....

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