Friday, February 5, 2016

Upper body!

In an ideal world I'd have my second upper body workout either with Josh or with a teammate as a training partner, but it doesn't seem feasible this semester - Friday's the best day for me to do it, and Josh doesn't have an open slot at the beginning or end of the day, while I'm tied up 9:30-3:30 uptown in TRAC and report-writing (the reports in particular use up every ounce of willpower so that for the first two Fridays of the semester I just came home and fell into bed afterwards for an overly long nap). Teammates have other things going on and I don't really want to look at Saturday, which I think should be considered long run day.

So I bit the bullet and hired a trainer through Columbia - that gym is horribly crowded, but on the other hand it's one block from home and office and setting up something like this is clearly the only way I'm going to EITHER get a second upper body workout in regularly OR work out on Fridays at all! So - it was great! It's going to be a really good arrangement. I am fortunately at the career stage where the problem of being overly busy can be largely remedied by throwing money at problems and making them go away (taxis, prepared foods).

We did the workout exactly as Josh specified!

(1) dumbbell floor press (1-second pause at bottom): 4 x 6 @ 35

(2) lat pulldown: 5 x 10 x moderate weight

(3) close grip bench: 2 x 10 @ 75 ("competition pause")

(4) dumbbell skull-crusher (single-arm as we could only find one of the set): 3 x 10 x 15

(5) lateral raise: 3 x 10 @ 5 (6-second eccentric tempo)

Then some really hard abs stuff - I don't usually do such a good job with that! 2 times each through 2 short circuits, pretty challenging....

1hr upper body!

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Tea said...

Ha! I'm in the same boat. I am more than happy to pay for convenience.