Saturday, February 20, 2016


Nothing epic, but I count it a huge success that I got anything done....

Yesterday was a disaster and a zero. I was busy with my big meeting till 12:30, then came home and was horribly on the phone till almost four dealing with identity theft ramifications. At that point I'd done pretty much everything I could except for filing the police report, so I walked over to the 26th precinct and took care of that. I was foolishly optimistic that I might still have time to make it to Chelsea Piers before family dinner downtown at 6 - that was a fantastical delusion!

(It has to be said that the police were extremely nice and helpful, it's just that the paperwork takes a terribly long time to fill out....)

Slept horribly and was grumpy when waking up (late) because I still had ALL FOUR of my Friday meeting reports to write. Went to my office and cranked out three of them, at that point eyes were popping out of my head and I decided I'd better leave the fourth for tomorrow.

The 1 train isn't running this weekend, but the weather is beautiful - I had a 5pm MUCH OVERDUE hair appointment for highlights and cut, bushy hair at the back has been making me crazy, so I walked to 96th St. and got the train downtown. Got in a little early, was finished there around 7 and walked over to Chelsea Piers. They are open in theory till 9 but the pool shuts at 8:30 and the showers close at 8:45 so I didn't have time for anything epic, just a nice short technique swim and a short treadmill run with a few intervals.

Swim (c. :40)

200 pull
200 free
100 as salute-swim by 25 (stroke coordination)
100 as 50 right arm/left arm, 50 swim
100 as 50 shark, 50 swim
100 as 50 reverse shark, 50 swim
100 swim
50 frog kick
100 IM

1050 yards total

Short treadmill run (:20)

:10 warmup at 5.0mph
5 x :30 hard (6.5, 3 x 7.0, 7.5), 1:30 @ 3.5mph

Hoping for morning long run and evening masters swim tomorrow. I really hoped that my "star chart" would help me not have any zeroes this semester, but I already had one last Sunday (polar vortex + family visitors) and this one yesterday (identity theft) - one begins to suspect that a zero once a week is a life inevitability....

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