Sunday, February 21, 2016


Having an annoying computer problem (not related to identity theft, I hasten to add) - last week a visitor used my laptop to log in to her gmail account, then the accounts got inappropriately linked. On my ipad at the office today I tinkered until I could properly log out of that one - but now when I try and get into my blogger account on my laptop, it asks me to sign in by taking me to my Columbia gmail, which isn't the one that's linked to the blogs! Writing this now on iPad as I am sufficiently fatigued that I have not been able to figure out how to fix it - have a nasty feeling that I may have to make an appointment with campus IT folks....

swim - 1.5hr, c. 3400? Was mostly doing a better job keeping up except on long pull sets and longer swim. I had dinner afterwards with a friend downtown and it is now completely beyond me to reconstruct all the different pieces of what we did. Need to get offline and read a book to wind down!

[ED. Have figured out how to delink accounts again. Ugh, it really was a pain for me that CU switched to a gmail-based interface - it is very difficult to keep the two in play without muddle re: this kind of login situation....]

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