Saturday, February 13, 2016


I have to make the effort to get to Saturday morning masters swim - Slava told me the slow lane was a little slower than Sunday's, and it is true, much better for me not to be scrambling to keep up! We ran out of time to do the last bit of the set, but here was the lovely workout:

250 warmup

(1) 3 x (150 as 50 swim, 50 drill, 50 swim, 150 as 50 kick, 50 swim, 50 kick) (I missed one 50 due to spacing out - by the time I had my kickboard in hand the other two were already down at the other end for the last 50 and I realized I'd better just come back in for the next bit) (mostly free, one set of back) (850)

(2) 4 x 200 pull with stroke count (there was more to it than that, but I am too lazy to write it up!) (800)

(3) 4 x (6 x 25 stroke drill + 100 IM with the 25 of that stroke fast) (learned funny new backstroke drill - the Titantic drill!) (we only had time for fly, back, breast) (750)

2650 yards

I meant to get there early enough to run 40 minutes on the track beforehand, but it was not to be. Will see if I can get myself to do it on the mini Columbia track later, but I think really as long as I did one good workout today, that's fine. Brent and I have tickets to a matinee and it may be preferable for once just to lounge and be lazy together!

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