Monday, February 8, 2016


I got in the hole for calories earlier in the day, I realized post-workout, and by the time I was done working out I was about ready to eat a horse! Once you're really down, it's hard to make it back up - I can do better....

Anyway, I didn't feel focused during the workout, but that was also because there was this horrible thing with the band for the deadlifts, which I couldn't figure out how to hold without it slipping - not a quality set, I am afraid. Anyway, workout more or less as follows:

4 x 6 medicine ball "sledgehammer" slams (R and L, 6lb)

5 x 4 deadlift with resistance band to add uneven tension (135lb)

3 x 10 safety squat bar (70lb) with box! (I really like this, though I'm anxious about taking it back to the regular squat bar - but when I said that, Josh says not yet, all in good time, so I will listen to him!)

3 x 10 one-arm rows (42.5)

3 x 10 bicep curl (12.5)

Possibly one other thing that I am forgetting?

1:15 lower body

Then I took my stuff to a treadmill for a notional 30-minute run with intervals and I just had NOTHING - was sitting on end of treadmill trying to get a sock on and after some struggling I realized that brain fog was telling me I needed to eat rather than do more exercise!....

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