Saturday, February 6, 2016

Run hodgepodge

Hahahaha, really it's a fail, but it was worthwhile in its own right, and I'm going to have a try at doing it tomorrow (a real ninety-minute run) which I think was always the more realistic possibility!

Got up pretty early to have breakfast with my mother before she went back to Philadelphia, but inevitably went back to bed when I got home. Slept maybe 11 all the way to 2pm, oh dear - and I had a date to meet Lauren at 4 at Chelsea Piers. So I thought I'd run there plus a bit extra, but I was groggy and dragged my heels on getting out of the house (and it's a cumbersome pack you have to bring with winter change of clothes), so by the time I left there was no slack for a bit extra.

And once I was jogging, although the weather was beautiful I just felt slightly horrible - big pack, sore back, sore right glute-hamstring attachment, dead legs, etc. etc. So I told myself I just had to "run" 30 minutes (which is what's on the schedule for tomorrow) and I could powerwalk the rest of the miles to the gym. And I did that (hahahaha, powerwalk is only a hair slower than very slow run!).

Then Lauren and I did 30min on the treadmill, I kept mine at a walk as everything was tender (right knee also a bit sore!) but did brief easy run intervals - 3.5mph base, plus 10 x (:30 @ 6mph, 1:30 walking recovery). And some good stretching.

:30 jog
:42 fast walk
:30 walk on treadmill with easy run intervals

That's actually at least a pretty decent amount of time moving - as I say, I will try and do the real run tomorrow instead!

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