Monday, January 25, 2016


So, so happy to be back at it! The break seems to have done no harm, I had a good time with my work set today except that my hands have grown soft with three weeks of no deadlifting...

(Skipped initial prowler bit as it activated my knee noticeably. Swimming tired it out - didn't make everything clench up around it, swimming is just a looser sport than cycling, but the bit on the insight was sore during and after.)

Deadlifts: 8 x 3 x 161

4 x 10 ring row

Incline row: 5 x 10 x 37.5

gunshow (yellow band, neutral grip), 125

1hr deadlifts and auxiliary

Had intended to make myself run now but it is just not going to happen! Couldn't do it this morning due to time and logistics crunch - I did however get to the Columbia gym to register for the semester and sign up for lap swim. I decided to go for TThF11-12 rather than the M-Th9am one, seemed more realistic and also there's a T Th noon masters swim at Chelsea Piers - I am thinking I am making an official commitment to three proper swim workouts per week, four in weeks where I can do it. (Sunday is usually good. There's Saturday 9-10:30am if I can get myself down here and also Friday 6:30-8 as an alternative if I'm more on the late than early vibe, though I'm not crazy about swimming in the evening - had a terrible time falling asleep last night.)

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