Thursday, January 21, 2016


Didn't manage to get out for my "just am" run - it was too cold in the morning when I had the window for it and I used afternoon window for a desperately needed NAP instead. Need to get Columbia gym membership for this semester so that I have track and pool right there for 9am workouts on days when the temperature hasn't gotten above freezing (I like cold weather but the asthma doc rightly says no outside exercise when it's too cold).

Going to powerlifting club was like coming home - I love that group so much! H. and T. only got there at the end (H. was sweating off last few pounds pre-meet in the sauna, T. works later on Thursdays at the gymnastics coaching job), but C. and P. and J. and I were having a LOVELY time with our session - ah, so good....

Josh eased me into things gently - just goblet squats, nothing with the bar....

(1) goblet squats: 4 x 10 x 37.5
(2) lunges x 2 chains, 6 seconds descent (3 x 6)
(3) band hip raise with 5-second isometric hold (3 x 8)
(4) dumbbell hamstring curl (37.5)
(5) 100 abs with band
(6) 100 curls with band

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