Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hoping to do a run-swim combo like this on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though the logistics need some fine-tuning (I dragged my heels about getting out of the house, took a taxi but it was an interminable trip due to combination of regular weekday traffic plus ongoing snow obstruction).

:30 very slow on the track - I really think my fast walk is faster than my jog pace right now! (right groin muscle felt very stiff, more in the way of having been exercised than a pull or tear and it warmed up by the end, but will keep an eye on that)
1hr masters swim

Difficult to count yardage on this as I was slower than lane pace and had to sit things out tactically. I like the coach and there's one of the same lanemates from Sunday which is nice. Workout was more or less as follows:

600 warmup as 100 free, 50 back (I did 450)

6 x 150 on 2:40 (did the first one in full, after that just did 100 as that pace is currently aspirational, and I also missed one hard fifty due to miscounting, either my own or that of lane leader - I am not sure which!) as 100 at 80%, 25 at 90-100%, 25 recovery (so I did I think 600 total)

12 x 75 WITH FINS (glory, glory!!! I was finally able to keep up! I did sit out a few lengths because I had the wrong size fins and had to get out and change them - they were slipping off my feet and giving me a cramp!) odds: 25 fly (love!), 50 back kick; evens: 25 back swim, 50 free swim (maybe I did 800 total?)

Then: 4 x 25 on :40 as breast down, fly back (and the fly felt GREAT, I have to say), 2 x 100 with first one hard, second one easy (300)

1350 yards swim swim plus 800 swim with fins - that sounds about right

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