Thursday, January 28, 2016

Spring semester schedule

It's a funny one - I have a lot on my plate but very flexible daytime scheduling. With huge proviso that I cannot get up in the morning until I absolutely have to (hard for me to fall asleep before 1am or so), so as the economists say "priors" tell me that exercising before even a mid-morning meeting is not practical.

Here is what I have drafted (I love the glow that emanates from a brand-new aspirational schedule!):

Monday - am run 40-60, pm deadlifts

Tues - am :30 run + midday 1hr masters swim, pm bench

Wednesday - 60-90 run

Thurs. - midday 40-60 run, pm squats

Fri. - pm: second upper body session when possible (masters swim a possibility)

Sat. - 9am 90 masters swim, pm run (short or long)

Sun.- am run (long or short), pm 90 masters swim

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