Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hahahahaha, not what you could call a quality workout (I suspect I was moving slowly enough that gait would have looked more speedwalking and less running to the outside observer!), but there are times when it is a triumph just getting it done! Path is mostly clear, and the weather is actually beautiful - close to 40F, not terribly windy. I enjoyed it, especially the solitary/meditative/being in nature part of it, with the two provisos that (a) my legs felt like blocks of wood (at first just sore quads from Thursday's descending lunges, but even once that loosened up a bit there was just no spring in 'em) and (b) my lower right-hand back was quite sore. Anyway, glad to say I executed it more or less as planned - I am saying "harder" instead of "fast" because I think that's more descriptive!

1.5hr run: 20:00 easy, then 1:00 harder/4:00 easy, 2:00 easy

(Had hoped to get to masters swim this morning, but wasn't asleep early and also had a couple hours of demanding and time-sensitive work to do today, so I turned off the alarm when it went off at 8, woke up properly around 10 and went to the office once I'd eaten some eggs for breakfast, did the work then came home and did the run. This was more realistic, as I also need to head downtown in an hour for family dinner as well.)

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