Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I really like this gym - the people there are extremely nice and it's a genuine weight-lifters' gym, everyone on the floor (pretty much) was doing things what I would call properly! Anyway just did same upper body workout from last week - my legs felt REALLY tired after this morning's spin class, and I think that though on the whole I am "training through" and conceptualizing Sunday as another long training day, it will behoove me to let legs recover a bit between now and then.

.5hr upper body

(1) bench 5 x 6 @ 85
(2) circuit x 4: (a) incline dumbbell bench x 8 @ 25 (that's heavy!) (b) single-arm row x 10 @ 25 (that's not!)
(3) front raise 4 x 10 @ 5
(4) lat pulldown 3 x 10
(5) rope triceps pushdown 5 x 10

I am torn between feeling the love for hot yoga and experiencing an extremely strong desire to be at home again with my powerlifting teammates! Looking forward to this next training cycle - the fall one was great but the November-December felt unfocused due to too many holidays and breaks, this one really should be better....

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