Thursday, January 28, 2016


Ah, I was satisfied with it earlier but went straight from the gym to an evening colloquium and dinner and am now just tired in a way that makes me dispirited!

It was fine, we continue to work on my mental block on squatting with bar and weight but I know I can continue to build strength even with very light weights, it's a satisfying workout....

conditioning set: wall throw with soft large ball (6lb) (4 x 10 for chest, overhead, left side, right side), then a seated floor bounce (partner rolls/tosses it back), 3 x 10.

squats warmup 3 x 10 with bar
squats work set 4 x 5 (still just with bar)

weighted eccentric lunges (5 seconds) 3 x 10 (I just had one chain, should really have had two but I felt it was sufficient!)

100 hip thrusts with band

3 x 10 dumbbell hamstring curl (42.5)

1hr lower body

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