Sunday, January 10, 2016

Long ride!

Hahahahaha, strange to say that was a GLORIOUSLY enjoyable ride! I am laughing at myself, I am an idiot - I was CONSUMED with dread again beforehand, but really it's good as soon as I'm actually riding, and this was subjectively more enjoyable than last week. Got to rendezvous point about 20 minutes early, got off bike and took off shoes to give feet some relief from pain and ate a granola bar, then found I did have fortitude to get back on for one more little out and back. (It helped that miles were at 38 point something and I thought I would like it better if I could see a number starting with a four!)

Best sight: a small flock of Cayman parrots flying across the road in front of me....

2:44 (2 breaks off the clock), 42.31mi, 15.4mph avg (windier today I think than last week), 135 HR avg (155 max)

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