Monday, June 6, 2016


As I rode home from the gym I felt as though I was impersonating the kind of child I never actually was - the footloose and fancy free child of summer who bikes to and from the pool and generally is carefree!

What is traditional for me at this time of year is that I am making myself slightly crazy by NOT buckling down to work properly on anything in particular, but I think that's a stage and I just have to ride it out - got one more session with professional organizer tomorrow and it should be that having the apartment in good shape helps facilitate passage to work mode? There are worse things you can do than too much exercise, especially when as today it's really just tooling around low-intensity stuff mostly....


10mi bike (beautiful weather - lower humidity finally)
1.25hr lower body
swim lesson with Tabbitha!

I get a sticker for the swim but won't log it otherwise as a workout. The deadlift session was good:

deficit DL: 6 x 3 @ 161 (range was 155-185)
front squat: 3 x 6 @ 55
band hip thrust: 5 x 10

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