Saturday, June 4, 2016


Ah, that was actually quite nice. It is very warm and humid, unpleasantly so, but I see the benefit of running every day - haven't dropped any weight in the last month, but thought this felt easier than it would have a few weeks ago. I was set to meet Liz at 10 at Tavern, but foolishly didn't check my phone before setting out (email is my primary modality), so only got her text when I was there saying that she couldn't make it. This was fine, I am happy to run on my own and I was also happy that the IDEA of meeting her had gotten me out of bed which was where I otherwise certainly still would have been!

Turned off my watch accidentally at one point, so times are approximate, but it was slow - walked a few hills. Stopped after 30 mins for gatorade #1 and at Tavern after the full initial loop for gatorade #2 (6.1mi), then ran on time back up the west side and fell into a cab when I was done! Huge blister on the bottom of one of my left toes....

Close to 1:50 I suspect, 8mi, good heat acclimation for Cayman!

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