Sunday, June 5, 2016


Very enjoyable masters swim. I guess I've been back in the water enough again now that it seems more familiar - also, good other swimmer at similar speeds in front of me (I am faster on the straights but her turns are much superior) so that I didn't feel so far behind as I have occasionally! Feeling much more confident that it's not insane to do the 5K sea swim as well as the 1-mile. Flying to Cayman early Friday, ready for SPA WEEK with B.! (After the swims are done I am hoping to do 2 yoga classes every day....)

No hope of reconstructing that, though I can remember bits. I am guessing around 3000 total?

Warmup: 400 choice (I did 350, mostly free with 50 back), 150 kick with board, 150 kick without board (650)

3 x (2 x 50 drill choice, 200 swim with paddles and buoy - I did 150) (750)

6 x 50 as 25 fly, 25 free (this is a nice set for me!) (300)

6 x 50 with fins alternating fly and free (300)

3 x 200 with third 50 race pace (I skipped final 50) (450)

100 race pace (100)

300 swim down (300)

That only comes out to 2850, maybe there was one more bit I'm leaving out? c. 3000 anyway....


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