Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I got up early (fueled I think by anxiety about DHL delivery of my British passport, scheduled for today) and had a nice run, except that I got a message from DHL to say that instead they will deliver it TOMORROW, and now I am in one of those minor frenzies of anxiety that is entirely purposeless! Couldn't arrange to pick it up at depot because I'm out of town from Friday early for ten days and it wouldn't have been pick-up-able TILL Friday, and held there only for 7 days before being returned to sender. I am not travelling on this passport so it is not an actual crisis, but I will feel a lot better when I have it in my own hands!

That said, nice run. I did tomorrow's today because I was HOPING I could do a long midmorning one tomorrow, but if I am waiting for DHL that will not be the case!

:20 easy
6 x 1:00 hill
:10 easy

for about :47 total

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