Saturday, June 11, 2016


Despite David's exhortations, it really just wasn't psychologically possible for me to run yesterday! The timetable isn't conducive - I miss a night of sleep when I take that early flight to Cayman, get into the airport around 1:30 and go straight to lunch, then B. is home from work at 4 (5 NYC time) and it is longstanding tradition to go immediately to Fidel Murphy's for Friday happy hour. Shockingly but happily I was able to go to sleep at 7pm when B. did (yes, our schedules are opposite to each other!), slept till about 6:15 and then got out for a nice half-hour run and met B. at 7am at Cafe del Sol for traditional morning mixed berry protein shake. IT IS GOOD!

(Now I have two runs to make up, but I think I can do them this week if I run early outside and then do a short treadmill one at the gym in the afternoon before lifting.)

Got the one-mile Flowers swim this afternoon and the 5K first thing Monday morning. Shooting to get to masters swim 6am Thursday and Saturday. Want to do two yoga classes each weekday morning starting Tuesday and some light lifting (maintenance rather than build) and short treadmill runs in the weekday afternoons.

Serious SPA WEEK!

:30 easy

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