Thursday, June 23, 2016


I am just going to have to embrace my inability to get up in a timely fashion and make sure I get in a good stretch of evening work time as well....

Nice overcast morning, humid but cooler - that's good. First time out in a new pair of running shoes - exactly the same as the old ones of course, but I like the stiffness of the soles when you get into a new pair and the feeling of superior cushioning. The previous model of this shoe (I have a pair in Cayman still) was superior to the current one, which has a wider heel area that leads to huge chunks of foam being eaten out (not blisterage, so not inherently problematic, but it looks awful!).

Away for a long weekend in a couple weeks and tempted to write up a very stringent work and exercise schedule for intervening days....

1hr easy

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