Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Actually a very nice one. Disorganized morning, didn't get out before 11am meeting which ran much longer than I imagined it would. By the time I was done the rain was already starting, and it soon progressed to thunderstorm - but retreated enough that I ventured out. Lovely chilly driving rain - I like this weather! Clearly I am not going to fit in an extra long run before I go - human maintenance issues (haircut tomorrow, and I think I am going to go and get my more-or-less annual pedicure tomorrow - I am planning on doing a lot of yoga next week and it is borderline unseemly how awful my toenails look!), minor work tasks, other exercise. This daily running thing is going really well, I am thinking a lot about whether I could become a lifetime daily runner (day 16, run 15 - coming days do not provide good opportunity to make it up - tomorrow has swim and squats as well as run, Friday I am up sleeplessly early to fly to Cayman, Saturday is Flowers sea swim 1-mile edition, Monday is Flowers sea swim 5K edition - but hopefully I can fit in two one day this week and not miss any more of the daily ones between now and then!).

:40 easy

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