Wednesday, June 29, 2016


A productive technique session with Josh. I was going to stick with 3x rather than 4x lifting for the summer, given the 100 runs in 100 days plan and the fact that I will not be competing in the foreseeable future - but then I thought the better of it as my squat will hugely benefit from fresher legs of Wednesday morning vs. Thursday evening and from one-on-one work with Josh. Will use the Thursday slot for second upper body. Anyway, we just played around with some stuff and it was AMAZING....

-high bar
-elevated heels
-wider stance
-chest out as if presenting logo
-rear up from the chest
-TUCK CHIN - if you're hyperextending, you think you're more upright than you are

Josh is going to research the Olympic lifting squat shoes to see if they might help - it was almost miraculous how much everything improved with this tweak. I am ready for this lift to get itself a little more in line with my others....

1hr lower body
1hr easy bike

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