Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Finally made it to masters swim - the hot weather and logistics have made it complicated, but really I think it's just a hard habit to recreate when I've let it go for so long. Anyway it was very nice! I was too slow but there were only 2 others in the lane so it was easy to skip a 50 as needed, and I was glad I stayed in for the last segment as I finally seemed able to keep up. If I swim 2-3x week I will be enough faster that I can do everything, that is worth working towards....

Not sure I am at all getting this right. Need to start taking my phone to document the workout on the board!

250 free (I did 200)

3 x 100 as 25 kick, 75 swim (I did 250)

2 x 150 (c. 300)

something else (c. 300)

4 x 100 as free, back, breast, free (c. 400)

4 x 400 alternating varieties of free and stroke along these lines (1000)

(1) 400 free easy (I did 300)
(2) 400 as 25 stroke sprint, 75 easy (I did 4 x 50 fly-free, 200)
(3) 400 as 50 back, 100 swim, 50 back (I did 300)
(4) 25 as sprint 4 strokes then easy, 75 recovery (200 - didn't really need that much rest but it was best way to arrange it)

8 x 25 free sprint, 25 kick back (I enjoyed this one) (400)

Call it in the region of 2850? It may have been a bit more than that, I eyeballed the board after and thought it might be more like 3200. Anyway it was good! Coach Michael thinks I will be fine for the 5K, and I do too - it is a two-loop course so if I am feeling awful for some reason (hot, queasy are the two most likely) after the first loop I can always get out and take a DNF.

c. 3000 yards
10mi bike

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Tea said...

I swim with a group who are all much much faster than I am. I always have to cut out an interval or do a shorter distance to keep the lane moving.