Thursday, June 23, 2016


Nobody was excited about it being another conditioning workout! It was also clear to me as soon as I got it underway that (a) I am overly fatigued and (b) my back and hamstring REALLY are causing me trouble!

I had resolved after this week's runs that I had better try some physio, it's impeding my ability to do hard running workouts - called for a doc appointment earlier today (I need a prescription from my primary care doc in order to get PT prescription, it's all somewhat irksome esp. given that copay for each appointment is $30 - I would think given that copay they would trust you to go ahead and make the PT appointments yourself) and the first one available isn't till the first week of August, that's annoying (but I took it, nothing to be done - maybe I will call back and see if she can write me the prescription before the appointment, but I haven't had good experiences with that, the practice is very understaffed and I have pretty much found you need to see the doctor in person to get anything to happen).

We were supposed to do 7 x, but I bailed after the third one and did 20 minutes of stretching. In retrospect I probably could have cut the prowler sooner and done all the rest, but I felt like I was bumping right up against where you get hurt. I have just eaten hot dinner at the gym cafe and feel a lot better - underfueling may have been an issue as well? Gotta get back on top of nutrition, I can see that carelessness with day and early evening eating almost invariably leads to unfortunate eating choices later on.

About :25 circuit (3 x (10 x goblet squat @ 32.5, prowler down and back @ 50lb added, 10 x walking lunges @ 12.5, med ball slam, lat med ball slam))

:15 stretching concentrating on back and hamstrings

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