Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Glorious swim workout!

I pretty much wrote off the afternoon, went and got an industrial-grade pedicure and then to masters swim. Woo-hoo! We only had two lanes and I was worried at first, as even when there are three lanes I am essentially slowest in the slow lane, but really this lane was on the same kind of pace the other slow one usually would be, no worries. I put on fins for the long main freestyle set, because there is no point struggling to keep up on too little rest and it made a lot of sense to do it that way (I had done enough paddle work but others were still using them) instead of skipping 50s - thus the slightly higher yardage than usual.

Also tried a new kind of paddle that really helped with the feel of entry.

Along these lines:

3 x 200 as (1) free (2) buoy (3) paddles

5 x 50 as fly down, flutter kick on back

4 x 100 of something I can't quite remember now (1250)

14 x 50 with paddles as 2 x (5 x 50 easy cruise/long strokes on 1:00, 2 x 50 fast/strong kick on :55) (700)

Main set: 3 x (3 x 100 free on 2:00, 2 x 100 as 25 free, 25 kick on back, 25 free, 25 sprint non-free [I did fly]) (1500)

Last bit was written as 3 x (2 x 50 on 1:05, 4 x 25 sprint on :30), but I just did the first two 50s and a pair of 25s, then swam 50 easy and got out (time was up and I had taken off the fins, couldn't get quite enough rest after the 50s to do a good job with the full set of 25s). (200)

The fins for the main set are of course a bit of a cheat, but it is nice to be able to keep paying attention to technique. I feel that I have now been in the water enough over the last few weeks that it's not insane for me to think I will swim a 5K on Monday!

1.5hr swim, c. 3500 (I think I must have missed a couple 50s in there somewhere)

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