Thursday, June 16, 2016


True "spa week" morning (which I have now rather counteracted by eating one of Cafe Icoa's delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast). Ran over to the pool at the Cayman International School (:20 easy) for 6am masters swim. There was a lot of chat and not a ton of swimming (post-race dissection), but I really like doing this kind of technique work - more to the point for me currently and perhaps in general than massive fitness sets. Got first breakfast at Cafe del Sol and then went to a flow yoga class at Bliss - pranayama-focused session, very good.

:20 run
1hr swim (but only c. 1000 meters - warmup of 200 swim, 100 kick, 50 one-arm fly, 50 double-arm back, then 400 kick alternating hundreds of board and streamline on back, then a technique set that involved doing a 50 with outstretched arm placed on pull buoy - to feel lats and connection to core, then 25s of swim with the same cue).
1hr yoga

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