Sunday, July 28, 2013

And to round out the week

an illuminating and useful coaching session on the new tri bike, in Prospect Park, with cycling coach par excellence Joanna Paterson. Too much even for me to try and write about here, I think. My general cycling anxieties are the same as my tri bike cycling anxieties, only exacerbated by newness to the machine. In a way I am surprised by how comfortable I am, in brief moments of ideal setting - switching from aero to upright and vice versa is a lot less stressful than I imagined it would be, for instance, and this bike really feels great in the aero position. But I think it is likely that I just don't have enough time to ride it between now and September to make myself as mentally comfortable as I now am on my other bike - I'm definitely pretty strongly leaning towards taking my road bike to Wisconsin.

(I'll be in Cayman for much of August, and I really wouldn't consider traveling with a bike, it is way too much trouble! Which means that all my riding there will be indoors or on the road bike I have there. Away Aug. 8-27, and have to drop off bike with TriBike Trnasport on Aug. 30, so I really only have a handful more days to ride it in this next stretch of weeks.)

There are so many things to think about on a long ride like that, and I don't have enough time to try out different solutions for hydration/calories/inhaler/seat comfort etc. on this bike, whereas I totally have it down for the other - let's say that worry beforehand and anxiety during are X on my road bike, even the most optimistic assessment is that they are 1.1X or 1.2X on the tri bike, and it might be more than that - I have never changed a tube on this bike, I don't know how uncomfortable the saddle will be if I ride half aero and half upright for eight hours, etc. etc.

Anyway, really interesting, and I think I will have one more session with Joanna, on my road bike if that's the one I go with, at the end of the month. And I am happy to say that I WILL ride my new bike for the triathlon next weekend, as it's only a 34mi. bike (unorthodox "even-up" triathlon, with 3.4mi swim, 34mi bike and 13.1mi run, i.e. the premise is that a fast person would spend about 1.5hr on each leg!), and I really am enjoying riding it - this will have few racers and quiet country roads, it won't be as chaotic as things are at start/finish/aid stations of a huge triathlon. Long trip up there - we'll leave Thursday night and get back very late Sunday. Thus attempt to pack a lot of training into the next few days...

Notes to self - things to remember from this session

when coasting, feet in 3 & 9 position, knees in
don't be afraid to ride in the big ring, the strength is there, it gives power with an added bonus of stability!

1hr coaching (c. 10mi.)

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