Thursday, July 11, 2013


It must be said that a day with a 90-minute run in the morning and a 90-minute swim workout in the evening is pretty much my ideal day of exercise. (Would have been even better if it weren't so humid this morning - MEGA-CHAFING!) Very nice lanemates tonight - I hope I can get there quite a bit over the next couple weeks. This is my substantive middle block of training, and though it remains the case that cycling is more important than everything else, it is also fair to say that as long as I am doing sufficient cycling, I can swim and run as much as I like (within reason and realistic capacity!).

Not sure this is exactly right, and I can't reproduce intervals (they were a bit haphazard anyway), but along these lines:

500 warmup with every fourth length back
2 x 200 pull breathing every 2, 3, 5, 7 by 25
4 x 200 with fins as 150 free 50 dolphin kick on back
8 x 100
8 x 50 stroke-free in IM order
100 pull easy
3 x 50 stroke sprint on 3:00 (I did fly, and so did everyone else, it was pretty amazing!)
50 double-arm back

3200 yards total

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