Tuesday, July 30, 2013


BEAUTIFUL running weather finally (this is about the only day this summer that I could say such a thing!). Would have been even better if I'd gotten out earlier, but though I was up earlier, I went back to bed for meditation and a nap. Upper 70s, but low humidity & gorgeous fresh breezy feeling - I had almost forgotten that it could be like that here....

Snail's pace I'm afraid - lungs felt rather raw in first 10 minutes, and though it was better once I'd warmed up, I figured I'd best take it easy. Legs a bit tired from yesterday, not too bad though - back very tight and a bit sore, I need to do daily stretching! (I was too tired to do it last night, that was a mistake.) Strange how running is so enjoyable even with these minor aches (oh, and terrible chafing under front band of sports bra!) - low humidity makes such a beneficial difference.

I realize I have slightly misconceived this week. I had it as slightly amorphous still-build-but-also-race-and-travel week, but I think that given travel time (it's maybe 7-8hr drive each way) and the fact that I will be racing for c. 7hr on Saturday (that's just ballpark, I don't have a keen idea of times/paces), I need to take it easier for the next couple days. I won't try and swim this afternoon as originally planned; tomorrow I'll just perhaps have a short run and/or swim, then swim/spin first thing Thursday morning.

(This is the race we're doing. It is a tiny race, like maybe only thirty people! I did a double-take of horror when I first looked at last year's results - middle column numbers prompted me to think "Wait, I thought this was a short not-too-hilly bike!" - then I realized that times were cumulative rather than broken down, phew. In fact I think the bike course this year is shortened from 35 to 30 due to construction somewhere - so that is a truly Davidsonian race, 3.5mi swim, 30mi bike, 13.1mi run! I won't be fast, but it should be a great training day, and a very good chance to take my new bike out for a spin!)

1:30, 8.03 (Central Park loop), c. 11:14 pace

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