Sunday, July 7, 2013

Long ride #5!

That was super. It was clear to me last week that the combination of wind and an unduly taxing recovery week (little exercise, too much everything else) meant last week's three-hour recovery ride was much more arduous than I needed it to be. I was afraid today's ride would seem dreadfully hard and long, but really it was excellent, I enjoyed it pretty much from start to finish (not saying I wasn't ready to stop at the end, but it was genuinely enjoyable throughout, even on the windy stretches). I didn't ride much in the new aerobars - I need to move the seat significantly further back, I thought this already even for the upright position but I couldn't get good power/leverage with my legs from that position with the seat so far forward.

One slightly sorry moment came when I crushed a land crab - there are a ton of them making their way across the road at this time of year, they scuttle as soon as they detect motion but unfortunately it is often in the wrong direction. This was a bigun that self-destructed under my wheel with a resounding crunch...

4:23, 72.36mi, 16.5mph

(Current week's total is 15:11 - I might try and have a short swim later in the very warm sea, though I imagine I am more likely to recline on the couch reading a book. I feel very sheepish that I have gone two weeks without swimming! Didn't run much this week either, but on the other hand this is basically according to plan - I believe in the "keep it simple" school of training, and I pretty much said to myself at the start of this season that as long as I did sufficient quality and volume of bike training, it really didn't matter too much what else I did or didn't get done.)

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