Thursday, July 18, 2013

Defeated by heat!

That was frustrating. I thought that if I kept a really slow pace, I'd be OK for easy 2 hours (c. 10mi.), but it was a bit of a disaster! I'm not sure if I just subjectively misremember - it is also possible that the large number of trees that have come down in last couple years of storms has made a difference - but the Central Park loop seemed much, much less shady than I thought it would be. I was doing a mix of walk-run, but I felt increasingly dangerously overheated (it's 94F, not too humid & not bad in shade but brutal in sun). Back of neck in particular just seemed overwhelmingly hot. I stopped when I reached the north end of the park and decided I'd turn off my watch, walk up the (hot, steepish) street back to 'my' more shady bit of Riverside Park and finish there. But the walk didn't make me feel as much better as I thought it would - I bought and drank a Gatorade, but by now my neck felt clammy and I was even a little bit cold, so it seemed clear that I had better just come home and recalibrate! Not quite lightheaded, but pre-woozy, and definitely having to concentrate to hold a straight line!

I can do a two-hour run indoors on the track at Chelsea Piers after 10am Saturday spin class - I had wanted to go to the 11am run intervals, I will either do that and an additional hour or just run steady for the entire 2. Arghhhh, this week and next week are my big training weeks, this extreme heat is frustrating....

1:11, 6.21mi., walk/run (11:26/mi.)

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