Saturday, July 20, 2013


SUPER morning at Chelsea Piers! It started inauspiciously in that I fairly dramatically overslept - I had initially set alarm for 7, with intention to do a couple hours of work before going to the gym, but I was awake for a bit around 4 and was really so shatteringly tired yesterday that I decided to turn off the alarm and set one for a more realistic 8:15 instead. However resetting alarms when half-asleep is always a dangerous business - I woke up of my own accord and found it was 9:15, indeed almost more like 9:20! However it was certainly for the best, it's the first day all week that I actually felt reasonably well-rested when I got up.

Just about made it in time for 10am spin (I was a couple minutes late, but not horribly so), we did a series of climbs and then a speed workout along lines similar to others we've done recently - this is an amazing set, 5 x 2min in not-easy gear at 100rpm, 105, 110, 105, 100, then 1min at 110 and 1min at 115. True "red zone" heartrate at the end of that (5b in the Friel system, albeit only briefly in conclusion)!

I'm not keen on the current 11am spin class (the teacher is nice, but it's not suited to endurance training), so I indulged myself and instead went to the run intervals class. Unfortunately that teacher had also overslept! (I think it's the heat, it's messing everyone up.) So we all ran for a while on our own on the track (air-conditioned! I must do more of my summer running there...), then had an excellent substitute who got us started on a conditioning routine that involved running 400s at 70-80% and then doing three minutes of ab work on mats in between - the 'real' teacher then got there and finished things off. I really love this kind of class - I have been denying it to myself as the double spin is more to the point, but I was glad to indulge myself today.

After refueling and showering, I then spent the afternoon at the BIKE STORE getting fitted on my new bike - which I am going to take out for a short spin tomorrow morning, weather permitting. I am extremely excited about it!

:50 spin
1hr run/conditioning (c. 3.5mi.)

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