Saturday, July 6, 2013

Short run/double spin

I cannot really explain why I am so partial to Saturday morning double spin. I suppose there's just something very simple about it, it's at a set time and place, you show up and do the work, it requires less willpower than various other long exercise sessions. Picked up my bike - Jerome put aerobars on it for me (every reason to use them here, as it is flat as a pancake and often quite windy), plus did general tuneup - now it's all spiffy for tomorrow's long ride.

2.2mi./:24:31 run (carrying 2.5L water - heavy!)
1:45 spin


Ronti waqus said...

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Black Knight said...

How was your long ride? I would like to bike but it is not allowed here, my wife is scared: too many fractures lately.