Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot yoga!

That was super. It was a bit naughty to go to hot yoga instead of doing masters swim first thing in the morning, but I was feeling selfishly yoga-oriented, and it suited me better for other reasons as well: my bike is in the shop (having aerobars put on!) so it would have been a long walk there & back, and I wanted to do a good three-hour work session before blowing energy on exercise. Sat at the cafe from 7 to 10 and got a lot done before going to 10:30 yoga.

On Tuesday, I must confess that I was very discouraged at how hard class seemed - I was slightly queasy at various points and overwhelmed with heat almost throughout the hour, and I feared I'd lost all my heat adaptation and would have to start from scratch. But class today felt fantastic, I never felt sick or even, really, overheated. In retrospect I think I didn't pay enough respect to the fact that on Tuesday I'd already done a very warm hour of spinning and half an hour walk home afterwards; it is not surprising that I didn't have so much of a reserve, as I am always prone to sweating heavily and overheating. (Notion is that a heavy sweater in warm exercise conditions might be sweating 1.5L an hour - I certainly drink 1.5L/hr. in spin class, easily - so even if I replenish during and after, there's no doubt it's a serious strain on the system to undertake another very sweaty warm exercise session only a couple hours later.) I dimly recall from January that even when I was doing hot yoga almost every day, it made a huge difference as to whether it felt manageable or slightly overwhelming depending on whether I'd already had a warm hour of exercise first thing in the am.

1.25hr lovely hot yoga

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