Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Revealed preferences

After again flaking out on notional early-morning run today, I think I just have to admit to myself that I am not enough of a morning person to get out early here and beat the heat. Will have to revert to treadmill running I think - early evening is the time I like to spend at home with B.! However this evening was Wednesday Night Run Club - I am a little slower than the slowest of the regular runners, so I fell back and went with the run-walkers - 5min run, 1min walk - I needed a confidence-builder more than I needed a hard workout. Very humid. Took an overly long and deep nap this afternoon after getting overheated in the late morning - have had to postpone long indoor spin to tomorrow morning, but that's fine really....

c. 47min, c. 4mi.

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