Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 5 begins

Not very auspiciously, I must confess - my recovery week had too much else crammed into it, I think (book-finishing, doing a lot of errands to get ready to leave town) and I do not really feel at all rested! I meant to run early this morning, but flaked out on it even after I'd taken asthma medicine and gotten dressed etc. - grabbed another hour of sleep, which was beneficial, as really I was up too late last night. Ran outside at midday - it is not quite as brutally hot as usual, though I was still thoroughly overheated by the time I got home - only did 4 miles as I just wasn't feeling it, and wanted to go to 2pm flow yoga to get some stretch. (Yesterday afternoon turned into a long couch-lounging session, I really couldn't face making it back out the door!) Anyway, I feel much better now that I've run and stretched. Tomorrow: 6:30am spin class, midday hot yoga (it's only 1 hour, so hopefully that won't be too overwhelming), evening masters swim.

:42, 4mi
1hr flow yoga

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