Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am laughing at myself now, it is so goofy - I haven't been running nearly enough (it's more or less deliberate, it is the price of prioritizing cycling), and that lets a little bit of residual dread build up about running, especially given heat and humidity. My sleep quality last night wasn't great - it seemed like I was awake briefly every hour, with lots of tossing and turning. But I did sleep long, and I feel much more myself this morning. And in fact it was a great run! Central Park loop. Slow as hell, and rather overheated (fortunately it's overcast, but humidity is high and temperature close to 80), but highly enjoyable. Still have that annoying blister on bottom of fourth toe of right foot, need to see what I can do to dispel it. This current training block is my most important one - doing the NYC tri this weekend is inevitably going to throw me off slightly, but the coming three weeks are crucial, I am excited....

1:29, 8.2mi

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