Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 6 provisional long ride

Really I'm on a ten-day week just for this week - I did my real long ride #5 last Sunday, missed my mid-week notional 3hr stopgap ride due to post-travel fatigue, had 3hr on the schedule for today and will ride long again next Wednesday (so week 6 doesn't really have a long one).

Things did not work out quite according to plan, due to usual inability to get out the door for a run right after I get up (I meant to run down and THEN do my 3-hour spin), but this was a fine substitute, and really I didn't need to run today. Also today it was legit to log Chelsea Piers round trip as bike miles (did double spin plus some extra in the middle) - on the way down, it was rainy and very uncrowded, still quite overcast and though there were more people on the way home, I was riding into a wind almost the whole way, which keeps effort levels honest.

Bike dropoff is 2-9pm. I was very briefly tempted to take the option of leaving everything in transition the night before and taking my chances on bike tires etc., but really it's not worth it. (That said, transition is open 4-5:15, and I need to leave at least half an hour to get there, which basically means getting up not long after 3 - whereas if I were just going to the swim start, which is less than a mile away from home, I could get up at 5:15, eat a quick breakfast and be there in very reasonable time for my c. 6:20 swim wave start. Hmmm, maybe it really is worth taking the chance - as long as I bring my own bike pump, it wouldn't delay me much if I had to pump tires post-swim and pre-bike....)

3:08 spin

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