Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have an irrational and aggrieved sense that the world is conspiring to overheat me! (Actually I feel better now I ate something and drank some water.) Getting to swim workout practically killed me with heat - it was bliss bliss bliss to get in the cool cool water, and I quite enjoyed the workout (low yardage, though). But getting home killed me with heat AGAIN - I just missed a train, and then it turned out after a long hot platform wait and one stop that all trains were being held/stopped - I walked home from 125th St. By this time it was almost an hour since I'd stopped swimming and I was starvationally underfueled and underhydrated.

Can't reproduce details of set, but 2 main bits were 1650 total (lots of 50s of kick and stroke at high intensities with lots of rest, though I was unfortunately at the back of the lane and a faster stroker than those ahead of me - it was fine, though, I didn't need a sprint workout). Maybe 600 warmup before that, call it 2250 yards total.

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