Monday, July 22, 2013

Minor yoga

Final meeting this evening of the very good eight-week mindfulness meditation class I've been taking this summer. Yoga has been integrated throughout, and we did half an hour this evening that was strenuous enough to get logged here. (The sweat was pouring off me, though admittedly it was a somewhat warm room!)

Then I got even more overheated en route home - waited on an infernally hot subway platform through substantive delays. I am hoping to ride tomorrow on 9W, which means getting the shuttle, but I think it will be more sensible to shoot for the 9am than the 8am - otherwise I don't get enough sleep, I need to restore my core temperature to normal before there's any point lying down! If thunderstorms are looming, I may talk myself out of it, but I really would like to get it done....

.5hr yoga

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