Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I meant to do my long run this morning and go to masters swim in the evening, but I couldn't fall asleep till late, and it was clearly the case that I needed to sleep as much as I could. It wasn't super-late when I got up, but I didn't get out the door expeditiously, and heat persuaded me that I should switch up the plan and instead swim the midday workout at Chelsea Piers and run in the evening. I think that was the right call - nice to get in a little bit of time on bike, it's a good plain workout and running at dusk/dark seems wiser when the weather is so extreme.

Not sure this is exactly right, but workout along these lines:

600 warmup as 300 pull, 200 swim, 100 kick

6 x 50 descend in 3s

1 x 300 pull (pace/steady)
2 x 150 build by 50
3 x 100 descend
6 x 50 strong on 1:10

200 triathlon practice - 50 moderate, 50 hard & trying to overtake leaders

100 easy

2400 yards total

NB I heard something fall off my bike in Sunday's race, but it is neither safe nor sensible to stop and attempt to retrieve - it was indeed my frame pump! Hmmmm, better replace that....

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Black Knight said...

Late congrats for your race. You are super!
I see that your swimming is very good.
At the moment I cannot do anything, finally the orthopedic discovered my problem: inflammation of the sciatic nerve on a "hidden"part behind my left knee.