Sunday, July 21, 2013


Had a very nice birthday morning run with S. The weather has returned to more normal summer pitch - still not lovely, it's 80 and humid/overcast, but MUCH better than it has been all week. We did the Central Park loop, at her easyish and my moderate-hard pace. Wasn't wearing Garmin, took slightly shorter route to park than I sometimes do, so call it 7.8mi, 1:22.

I wanted to get out for a test ride on the new bike, but have lost momentum - instead am going to shower and then perhaps go back to bed for a short nap!

Training this week somewhat limited by heat, but a fairly solid week regardless. Three runs, three swims, three spins plus a 4:15 long ride, one yoga class and a couple round-trip rides to Chelsea Piers. Total hours for week 7: 16.

(I'm shooting for this coming week to be HUGE! We will see if I can execute that. I'd like to ride 3hr Tuesday, 5hr Wednesday, 3hr Thursday, like a sort of mini-'camp'....)

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